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On an island off the coast of Louisiana, a gigantic Aquarium waits for Monday night events! The mermaids watch as the “Dock” is transformed into the theme of the week! They dance in the aquarium patiently anticipating the rotating DJs to find out what the genre of the week will be!

Will it be classic rock? Will it be Latin Music, a “Magic” theme or perhaps music from the Renaissance? Come on Monday to find out what the Blues Tribe knows! Every Monday night is a different party! Costumes are in order on most nights but “Come as you are” is always in style! Prepare to be blown away by the Music, the camaraderie and lively chat here at Hot Daddy’s! Always new and fresh and always the best party in town!


5 Jun

DJ Ray is at Hot Daddy's tonight!!  His theme is "Rock Outta the Box"!!  You've heard of pulling a rabbit out of the hat?  Well, DJ Ray is gonna pull some of his favorite rock tunes outta the box!!  This is sure to be a surprise package of some of the most awesome tunes you've ever heard!  Let the wyld party commence!! Bayou Hot Daddys

12 Jun