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Grid Time

27 Feb

Join us for our biweekly "get together", where we chat about anything at all--always fun, occasionally tell stories, and often discuss ideas for roleplay. A great opportunity to meet the Brigantia Isles Roleplay group regulars and our friends, as well as to learn a bit about our medieval/fantasy roleplay if you are interested. *Out of Character Event--medieval attire not required.* Everyone is welcome, new friends & old!

*We've moved to the Brigantia Gathering House @ Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Hub!!  When you get to the Hub landing, just click the Teleport to the Brigantia Firelight Chat on the Teleporter Board next to the beacon!

wyldwoodbayou.com:8002:Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Hub


28 Feb
This is our regularly scheduled weekly roleplay for our entire group, which is open to approved characters.  However, we invite visitors to observe from a reasonable distance, especially if you are considering joining!  Please stop by the Brigantia Isles Roleplay group information center at the WWB Roleplay Hub for more visitor's information and landmarks.



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