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The WWB Roleplay Hub

 Vist us on OSWorld: https://opensimworld.com/hop/83426

The WWB Roleplay Hub was formed to give the Wyldwood Bayou Grid roleplayers a venue to exchange information and set up roleplaying between their groups and other roleplayers on Open Sim grids. Crossgrid roleplay offers the opportunity for roleplayers to connect their stories to those of other groups and gives all of us the whole Hypergrid as a playground.  

The Hub is managed by the two active roleplay groups in Wyldwood Bayou: Ravenquest and Brigantia Isles.

Brigantia Isles comprises the regions of Brigantia, Faery, Murkwood, & Shadow Isle. Ravenquest includes the regions of Taibhreamh, The Darklands and The Shire. Both groups offer primarily Medi/Fantasy roleplay.

The WWB Roleplay Hub offers space to meet, learn about roleplay in the ongoing classes and shop for roleplay freebies. An open roleplay market is held each quarter on the third Saturday. Hypergrid roleplayers of any persuasion are welcome. Watch for upcoming notices!


Brigantia Isles


31 May
This is our regularly scheduled weekly roleplay for our entire group, which is open to approved characters.  However, we invite visitors to observe from a reasonable distance, especially if you are considering joining!  Please stop by the Brigantia Isles Roleplay group information center at the WWB Roleplay Hub for more visitor's information and landmarks.


4 Jun

Unscripted free form roleplay; open to OOC observers. Medieval or fantasy attire is required. Meet at the Ravenquest Clubhouse on the WWB Roleplay Hub.