Brigantia Isles


The BRIGANTIA ISLES ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY is composed of the Brigantia, Fairy Dust, Murkwood, Shadow Isle, and Witchweed Woods regions.

Legend has it that Brigantia was preceded by a large and powerful elven kingdom, ruled by an elven Queen.  The Healer’s Guild there educated healers of such great skill that they were sought after in all the surrounding lands.  Through a series of mishaps involving an ill-fated love story between a Princess and a Wizard, the old kingdom was destroyed by the goddess in order to save the world.  However, she saved bits of the old kingdom and created a new, smaller land called Brigantia.  The goddess charged those remaining to continue education of healers & priestesses.  The goddess enchanted Brigantia so that the weather is always fair, and so that no one with evil intent may enter.  (However, after so long a time, some are finding loopholes in these wards.)  Brigantia is a sanctuary.  Anyone, no matter what roleplay race or origin is welcome to enter and receive healing and care.  Ages later, Brigantia is now ruled by Queen Contessa (Tessa).   The fae land (Fairy Dust) is a wild and magical place inhabited by fairies, pixies, and gnomes, governed by Princess Celeste.  To the south of the fae lands lies a dark and mysterious forest, Witchweed Woods, about which little is currently known.  To the northwest is Shadow Isle--a small isle that was uncharted until recently.  It is inhabited by a group of fauns who also escaped the destruction of the old kingdom ages ago, and who have now reunited with Brigantia.  (You can read some of the stories of Brigantia at the Isles of Myst Welcome Center at the WWB Roleplay Hub!)

MURKWOOD is a dark land that suddenly appeared to the west of the fae lands.  It was transported there by an evil dragon, who stole the land ages ago, turning it dark and nearly unhabitable.  The dragon has been defeated and imprisoned inside a "draconite" medallion, but the tunnels and caverns of Murkwood are still populated by dark creatures who make living difficult for the few humans who try to survive there.

At Brigantia Isles, we enjoy cross-grid roleplay and encourage hypergrid players to join us, either as “regulars” or as transient characters.  We also enjoy roleplaying on other grids ourselves!  Our main roleplay theme is Medieval/Fantasy, however, we have recently re-introduced the concept of “portals” through which some may travel over space, and occasionally time.

We are creating our own world and characters, do not restrict ourselves to the definitions and canons found in Dungeons & Dragons, Tolkien, etc., and do not copy characters from literature and media.  All roleplay races (except vampires) are welcome.  We recommend that you take this alignment test:, to help you determine your character’s alignment or moral compass.  Even if you have previous roleplay experience, please don’t plan to begin roleplay as a master mage or something similar, you will have to earn your rank.  We also ask that you participate in our Roleplay Classes.  (Written information is available at the WWB Roleplay Hub, and at the Isles of Myst Welcome area at the Hub.)

Most reasonable storyline ideas will be considered.  We like to discuss ideas for storylines as a group, figuring out how they might fit into our overall history and storyline, and how other players might participate.  We are very willing to play other characters (or NPC’s) as needed to help with an individual storyline.

We like to keep “rules” to a minimum, but in order to avoid chaos and disharmony, there are a few points of philosophy and roleplay etiquette to keep in mind:

● No drama (except during roleplay!)

● Be nice, courteous, and respectful (when out of character!)

● Do not initiate combat or confrontation without prior out of character agreement.  Permanent death is not usually an option for regular players.

● Avoid god-modding—invincible, all-powerful characters who always win.  All characters should have balance—strengths and weaknesses, boundaries, and vulnerabilities.  Also, do not try to determine another player’s storyline or their responses to roleplay action.

● Do not react to or act on knowledge your character has not learned while in character.  You do not know people you have not met in character, you don’t have a mini-map to guide you, and you can’t respond to other players when they emote their thoughts or emotions. 

● Our core team reserves the right to intervene if roleplay gets “off course” or if there are disputes.

● Biggest rule—Have fun!!