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28 Jan

Yes! It's DJ Kith on the Lady Blue stage tonite! This is our  "Dress up to get DOWN" party where the music is totally amazing and the lyrics?? Well...some describe them as "off color"....some describe them and downright DIRTY and we describe them as wild and hysterically funny!! Does "Press my button" or "Let me play with your Poodle" ring a bell?? Maybe..."Viagra in the water"?? NO??? Our DJs rotate here at Lady Blue to bring you the wild and wacky music and laughter that Rockin' the Blues Clubs are famous for, so get on down to the most fun speakeasy you have ever been to and party to lyrics like these, right in between the Blue's Tribe's lively chat and contagious laughter! The event is very popular so do come early and plan to stay late!! Formal attire is suggested but not required, Having fun is mandatory!! 

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28 Jan
Lady Blue tonite!! Stay tunes for details!
01.28.2022 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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