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The shadow that took the Riverlands destroyed their homes and scattered their people. Displaced from their world and time, a small band of refugees searched through time and space for a place to settle, gather their comrades and begin again….

Running from the attack of the Shadow, a small group escaped through a portal to the unknown land of Terminus. They have been searching ever since for the comrades they sent away to safety before the attack and have successfully located Master Druid Fiesty’s hobbit clan and relocated them to a secure place in The Shire. The hobbits have adapted swiftly and provide supplies and tasty food to our small clan.

Master Druid Fitheach’s elf clan escaped to the mystical elven lands of Lothloriel and are likely forever beyond her reach. She has lately discovered an elven community nearby and will be getting to know them. A young elf weaver named Amara shows a mysterious ability with cloth and may need assistance. Is this a new strain of elven magic? Our Shadow Dragon ambassador, Lady Saphira, found us again by accident and visits often. We hope she will resettle among us.

Talia, better known as Danger Fae, and Savage, the dragon shapeshifter, careened through our closing portal accidentally as Savage attempted to reclaim his young son Rorn from the errant fae. Talia and Rorn’s antics are a constant source of amusement and concern. We rescued Ixlan when we found him deposited unconscious on our shore after traversing a Terminus portal. What dire threat he fled remains a mystery to be solved. Although we have claimed a part of Terminus as our new home, now that we have discovered and mastered travel through the portals, the desire to explore other worlds will continue. A new gate was recently created during an epic roleplay to free an ancient ancestor of Lady Saphira. The price was high, but this gate will open the way to many new adventures.

Ravenquest are cross-grid roleplayers. Although the theme was originally Medi/Fantasy, we have roleplayed in ancient Rome and Victorian Steampunk and anywhere else the portals have taken us. Any reasonable storyline will be considered. Our rp works because we are flexible; we are all willing to play other characters when needed. We consider ourselves storytellers and street theater, our roleplay is never scripted and often surprises us with unexpected changes of direction. It is always fun and new players are welcomed!

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All races are welcome. We don’t care if you are not a “classic” profile, if accepted, we will fit you in. You may need to choose a somewhat standard class or guild, though we are flexible there as well. However, do not try to walk in as a master level mage, ranger or similar, you will have to earn your rank.

All applications will be reviewed by the core team. New members require the approval of the core.


There are few rules.

We are an inclusive roleplay group. Derogatory comments or attacks concerning gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or chosen roleplay character will not be tolerated. Play nice or not at all.

  • All combats and crises not agreed on in advance will be decided by dice throw. Parameters for throws will be discussed in advance. It is preferable to work out the results of any combat in advance or during the combat, dice frequenly give undesirable results.
  • No god-modding or super powers, everyone can be damaged and defeated under the right circumstances. Permanent death is usually not an option, but open for discussion. Additionally, you cannot determine how your actions affect other players, you may shoot an arrow but not dictate where it lands or if someone is injured without their agreement.
  • Do not act on or react to, knowledge you do not have (meta-gaming). If thoughts are expressed as dialog, that does not mean you can use them. If you see action based on minimap dots or IMs, do not race to the rescue. You do not know people you have not met or been introduced to.
  • Please avoid Mary Sue characters, they are boring.

The core team reserves the right to stop any type of roleplay that violates these rules.


Do take an alignment test; it helps everyone know how to interact with you.